Cannabis Manufacturing, Extracting and the Risks

Course Overview

Your instructors, Ronnie Cabral and Michael Aberle will walk you through the risks of cannabis manufacturing; how to extract properly with minimal risk to the consumer, the employees, and the operations. Each section will help the insurance professionals understand the risks that the product and process produce. This course will take you into a state-licensed cannabis manufacturing facility where we will talk with the head of manufacturing about the risks he and his team manage. From the extraction to the packaging, this person is responsible for it all. Insurance professionals will have a better understanding of what licenses are available to manufacturers in California. They will also understand the differences in risk between CO2 and Propane. In the end, this course will help insurance professionals have a clear understanding of how to insure their clients.

Who Should Take This Course:

      • All Insurance and legal professionals should! Even if you do not plan to have a cannabis book of business or practice, your clients may become involved in transactions with this emerging $20 billion dollar industry, and you will need to understand your ability to represent that client ethically and legally. Check this too.

What to expect:

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Course Details

                  • CA DOI CE Credit (1)
                  • Course Duration: 60 Minutes
                  • 70% passing grade is required
                  • Instructor: Michael Aberle