CO2 Process From Plant To Cartridge

Course Overview

This Express Course by MindMeld Learning will review the process of CO2 in the cannabis industry. We hear from two experts in the field as they explain the how and the safety of CO2 extractions. So sit back and enjoy the methods from plant material to cartridge.


Course Chapters:

    • Chapter 01 - What are the risks when operating with CO2. 

Who Should Take This Course:

      • Insurance Professionals.
      • Legal Professionals.
      • Cannabis Business Owners.
      • Claims Adjusters.
      • Insurance Carriers.
      • Reinsurance Companies.

What to expect:

          • You may watch this video On-Demand
          • This course is a short version of an accredited course.
          • You can view this course unlimited times

Course Details

                  • Course Duration: 14:04 Minutes
                  • Instructor: Ronnie Cabral.
                  • EXPRESS COURSE