OSHA Emergency Wildfire Smoke Safety Training Package

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Training Program Summary

Our training course is based on Cal/OSHA’s Emergency Regulation on Protecting Outdoor Workers from Wildfire Smoke & Its Effects. Keep Your Employees Safe From Harmful Particles In The Air When Working In Wildfire Areas!

Providing Cal/OSHA Mandated Emergency Wildfire Smoke Safety Training to your staff just got easy! When you purchase a course package from myCEcourse, you get 24-hour access to our proprietary online Learning Management Systems (LMS) at no additional cost and no monthly subscription fees. The goal is to make the product and process easy to implement and access while making mandatory training affordable for your business to purchase.

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Package Information

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⦁ Interactive Training
⦁ Downloadable PDF Certificate of Completion
⦁ Mobile Device Compatible
⦁ HD Broadcast Quality
⦁ 24/7 Online Access
⦁ 1-Year Access to Training (365 days)
⦁ Employee Tracking
⦁ Unlimited Free Employee Roster Uploads (Admin)
⦁ Admin Dashboard (Admin)


Course Overview

Our Cal/OSHA Wildfire Smoke Safety Training was created to meet the Awareness Emergency Regulation for All Industries. The online training course provides key information for employers and employees to be prepared in the event of a wildfire smoke situation. We focus on thorough communication of safety and health risks to better protect your employees. In addition, we discuss different methods to protect employees from wildfire smoke including the importance, limitations, and benefits of using a respirator when exposed to wildfire smoke.

    Course Objectives:

        • Identify and understand key terms and concepts of wildfire smoke safety awareness and emergency
        • Identify wildfire exposure characteristics, health effects and protection strategies.
        • Explain the Cal/OSHA Emergency Regulations to Protect Outdoor Workers from Wildfire Smoke.
        • Describe standards listed under Appendix B of section 5141.1 as it pertains to employers who are covered under the Cal/OSHA Emergency Regulations.

    Course Topics:

            • Cal/OSHA’s Emergency Regulation to Protect Outdoor Workers from Wildfire Smoke
            • Health Effects of Wildfire Smoke
            • Rights to Obtain Medical Treatment
            • How to Obtain the Current Air Quality Index (AQI)
            • Employer Requirements Concerning AQI Levels
            • Employer Two-Way Communication System
            • Methods to Control Exposures and Protect Employees
            • Protective Equipment

    Course Detail:

                    • Cal/OSHA Compliance Training
                    • Course Duration: 12 Minutes
                    • 70% passing grade is required