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Package Overview

This package provides access to 10 California Department of Insurance approved courses. (Earn up to *11 CE Credits). This package lasts for 1 year from the date of purchase. If your company grows beyond what you have forecast, don't worry! We will simply upgrade your package anytime during the 1-year term

With rising costs for live training that slow down company production, where do business owners turn for a solution? This online video training program was developed to lower costs, lessen down time, and preserve company culture.  

*Note: For California AB 1825 / SB 1343 Sexual Harassment Training, DOI-CE credits can only be obtained from the 1 hour or 2 hour course, not both.

Included Courses (10)


  • California AB 1825 / SB 1343 Sexual Harassment Training (Employee and Supervisor version included. Earn up to 2 CE Credits)
  • Everything Risk Management (1 CE Credit)
  • Insurance Coverage & Cannabis (1 CE Credit)
  • Developing Risk Strategy in the Cannabis Industry (1 CE Credit)
  • Sonoma Lab Works: Inside a Cannabis Testing Lab (1 CE Credit)
  • Cannabis Products and Litigation (1 CE Credit)
  • Cannabis Insurance Overview (1 CE Credit)
  • Cannabis Delivery & The Risks (1 CE Credit)
  • Cannabis Manufacturing, Extracting and the Risks (1 CE Credit)
  • A Look Inside the Cannabis Market: Understanding Cannabis Product Liability and Related Risks (1 CE Credit)
  • CA - Human Trafficking Prevention Training (No CE Credit)

    California AB 1825 / SB 1343 Mandatory Training - 2019 Employment Laws:

    California AB 1825 / SB 1343 / SB 396

    • Instructor: Dean Rocco Esq.
    • Course Duration: 60 or 120 Minutes
    • CA DOI CE Credits (up to 2)
    • Included: Employee (1 Hour) and Supervisor (2 Hour) versions of SB 1343 (aka AB1825) with no additional fees.
    • This course complies with all California 2020 requirements for AB 1825, SB 1343, and SB 396.

    2019 Employment Laws


  • SB 1343 amends sections 12950 and 12950.1 of Government Code—also known as AB 1825. SB 1343 amends the code to apply to employers with five or more employees as well as requiring ALL employees—both supervisory and non-supervisory—to complete the training.
  • California Companies with 5 or more employees need to provide sexual harassment prevention training to all employees and supervisors within 6 months of hire or promotion by January 1, 2021. (Updated by SB 778)
  • Post an updated Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) poster on discrimination in a prominent and accessible location in the workplace.
  • Post a poster developed by DFEH regarding transgender rights in a prominent and accessible location in the workplace.
  • Distribute a DFEH developed information sheet to employees, delivered in a manner that ensures distribution to each employee, such as including the information sheet or information with an employee’s pay.
  • The deadline for all companies to comply with the new California state laws and training requirements is January 1, 2021. (Updated by SB 778)

    CA - Human Trafficking Course Overview:

    This unique course will take a deep dive into the world of human trafficking. You will hear from the prospective of a survivor as well as learn from our team of leading expert instructors on this tough topic. This course will cover both labor and sex trafficking awareness and prevention. This course meets California State Regulations SB 970 and AB 2034.

    Who Should Take These Courses:

    • California Insurance professionals who specialize in providing Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)
    • California Insurance professionals who specialize in providing Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD Insurance 
    • California Insurance Professional who are seeking CE credits. Earn up to 11 credits with this package. 
    • Human Resource professionals seeking current and relevant training on California's Workplace Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation prevention. Earn up to 2 HRCI and SHRM credits.
    • All employees, managers, supervisors, executives, and owners of companies should take Sexual Harassment Prevention Training.

    What to expect:

    • Package Includes 10 CA-DOI Approved Courses. (Up to 11 CE Credits)
    • Full admin control to add/delete employees.
    • Tracking employee performance, with completion % and test scores.
    • Users may retake the courses. Pass with 70% or higher.
    • Subscription includes unlimited viewings for 1 year.

      Course Certification Details

                      • CA-DOI Credits (Up to 11)
                      • HRCI Credits (up to 2)
                      • SHRM Credits (up to 2)