Multi-State Harassment Prevention Training Package #6 PCMMS

Package #6 [1 - 1,000 Employees]

With this package by MindMeld Learning, you are able to train up to 1,000 employees on one single payment with no additional per-user fees. This package provides access to both the employee (1 Hour) and manager/supervisor (1 Hour) versions of the training. This package lasts for 1 year from the date of purchase. If your company grows beyond what you have forecast, don't worry! We will simply upgrade your package anytime during the 1-year term. Contact us for pricing for more than 1,000 employees.

Multi-Language Version

  • English
  • Spanish (Coming soon)

Course Overview

With rising costs for live training that slow down a companies production, this online video course was developed to lower costs, lessen down time, and preserve company culture. With the #metoo movement, legal scandals, and new employment laws, this course will help to educate your employees on recognizing and mitigating sexual harassment in the workplace.

Who Should Take This Course:

              • Employees, managers, supervisors, executives, and owners of companies.
              • Human Resource professionals seeking current and relevant training on Workplace Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation prevention.
              • Intended for use in States that do not have specific mandatory training requirements. (Not for California, New York, Illinois, Oregon, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine)

What to expect:

                    • Package Includes employee 1 hour and manager 1 hour.
                    • Full admin control to add/delete employees.
                    • Tracking employee performance, with completion % and test scores.
                    • Professional credits include HRCI & SHRM
                    • Users may retake the course until you pass with 70% or higher.
                    • Subscription includes unlimited viewings for 1 year.

    Course Package Includes:

                    • Manager 1-hour version
                    • Employee 1-hour version
                    • Mobile Device Compatible
                    • HD Quality
                    • 24/7 Online Access
                    • Admin Dashboard
                    • Employee Tracking
                    • Unlimited Free Employee Roster 
                    • HRCI Credits (1)
                    • SHRM Credits (1)