New York Harassment Package #1 PCMMS

Package #1 [1 - 10 Employees]

With this package you are able to train up to 10 employees on one single payment with no additional per-user fees. This package provides access to both the employee and manager/supervisor versions of New York City/State Sexual Harassment Training. This package lasts for 1 year from the date of purchase. If your company grows beyond what you have forecast, don't worry! We can simply upgrade your package anytime during the 1-year term. Multi-Language Versions available upon request. Please contact us for details. 

Course Overview

With rising costs for live training that slow down company production, this online video course was developed to lower costs, lessen downtime, and preserve company culture. With the #metoo movement, legal scandals, and new employment laws, this course will satisfy New York State’s Sexual Harassment Prevention regulation.

2019 Employment Law

Prevention Training:

Every employer in New York State and NYC is required to provide employees with sexual harassment prevention training annually. 

Prevention Policy:

Every employer in New York State and NYC is required to adopt a sexual harassment prevention policy. An employer that does not adopt the model policy must ensure that the policy that they adopt meets or exceeds the following minimum standards.

The policy must:

  • prohibit sexual harassment consistent with guidance issued by the Department of Labor in consultation with the Division of Human Rights
  • provide examples of prohibited conduct that would constitute unlawful sexual harassment
  • include information concerning the federal and state statutory provisions concerning sexual harassment, remedies available to victims of sexual harassment, and a statement that there may be applicable local laws
  • include a complaint form
  • include a procedure for the timely and confidential investigation of complaints that ensures due process for all parties
  • inform employees of their rights of redress and all available forums for adjudicating sexual harassment complaints administratively and judicially
  • clearly, state that sexual harassment is considered a form of employee misconduct and that sanctions will be enforced against individuals engaging in sexual harassment and against supervisory and managerial personnel who knowingly allow such behavior to continue
  • clearly, state that retaliation against individuals who complain of sexual harassment or who testify or assist in any investigation or proceeding involving sexual harassment is unlawful. Check this too.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy Notice

This poster, which is an optional tool, is one way to direct both employees and non-employees to your Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy and should be displayed in a highly visible place.


Multi-Language Version

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Hearing Impaired

Who Should Take This Course:

              • Employees, managers, supervisors, executives, and owners of companies.
              • Insurance, and Legal professionals who specialize in providing Employment Practices Liability Insurance.
              • Human Resource professionals seeking current and relevant training on New York's Workplace Harassment prevention and labor laws. Earn (1) HRCI and SHRM credit. 

What to expect:

                    • This course complies with all New York requirements for Bill No. S07507.
                    • Package Includes employee 1 hour and manager/supervisor 1 hour.
                    • Full admin control to add/delete employees.
                    • Tracking employee performance, with completion % and test scores.
                    • Professional credits include HRCI & SHRM,
                    • Users may retake the course until you pass with 70% or higher.
                    • Subscription includes unlimited viewings for 1 year.
                    • Approved Instructor: Dean Rocco Esq.

    Course Package Includes:

                    • Manager 1-hour version
                    • Employee 1-hour version
                    • Mobile Device Compatible
                    • HD Quality
                    • 24/7 Online Access
                    • Admin Dashboard
                    • Employee Tracking
                    • Unlimited Free Employee Roster
                    • 1-year Access to Purchase
                    • Multi-Language
                    • HRCI Credits (1)
                    • SHRM Credits (1)