John T. Eads III esq.


John Eads has defended high-exposure cases for nearly 25 years, specializing in medical, accounting and legal malpractice; transportation; product liability and general liability as well as large Michigan No-Fault cases. He also handles environmental matters, business and employment disputes, contract actions, E&O liability and municipal/school liability cases. John represents major utilities and national retailers and is eminently qualified to defend and evaluate high-demand injury cases. His clients include insurers, commercial businesses and trucking companies, among others. In addition, John has handled high-value cases for major sports facilities and an American League baseball team, national sports associations, major manufacturers, various golf courses, carnival companies, and a number of boat facilities, go-cart tracks and waterslides.

John presents to national and regional associations and organizations on issues pertaining to trial rules, large-case exposure, mediation strategies, trucking, medical malpractice, Michigan No-Fault, errors and omissions, and professional liability. He is a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates, an invitation-only organization dedicated to elevating the standards of integrity, honor and courtesy in the legal profession.

An avid coach, fan and player in a number of sports, John is active in community affairs, including the Catholic Lawyers, Soup Kitchens, Race for the Cure, Boy Scouts, and the Stonewater Subdivision Board of Finance. Learn more.

Area of Focus

        • Transportation
        • Medical Malpractice
        • Medical Malpractice
        • Legal Malpractice
        • Accounting Malpractice
        • Miscellaneous Professionals / E&O
        • General Liability / Construction
        • Employment & Labor
        • Product Liability
        • Utilities
        • Cannabis Law