Ethics of Cannabis Lawyering

Course Overview

In this course by MindMeld Learning, Jay Mootz, Professor of Law and the former Dean of McGeorge School of Law, explores the full scope of ethical questions arising out of representing the cannabis industry. The material is presented as if you were part of a dynamic seminar class. Professor Mootz begins with an overview of the social and legal history of cannabis because this history shapes current issues. The course then addresses three topics: the legality of cannabis lawyering under federal law; the ethics of cannabis law under the California Rules of Professional Conduct; and the prudential concerns regarding potential waiver of the attorney-client privilege in federal court.

Course Chapters:

    • Chapter 01 - Course Overview
    • Chapter 02 - History of Cannabis Legalization in California
    • Chapter 03 - Business of cannabis develop
    • Chapter 04 - California  Law: Is Cannabis Lawyering Legal
    • Chapter 05 - Memorandums and Amendments
    • Chapter 06 - Is Cannabis Lawyering Ethical
    • Chapter 07 - Is Cannabis Lawyering Prudent
    • Chapter 08 - Course Summary

Who Should Take This Course:

        Any Legal Professional! Even if you do not plan to have a cannabis practice, your clients may become involved in transactions with this emerging $20 billion dollar industry, and you will need to understand your ability to represent that client ethically and legally.

What to expect:

          • Passing grade is 70% or higher
          • Below 70% grade means you must retake the course
          • Course completion will be sent to the appropriate state agency within 48 hours
          • You may retake the course until you get a 70% or higher grade
          • You may take any course as many times as you wish
          • You may not take the same course and receive duplicate credits

Course Details

                  • Course Duration: 60 Minutes
                  • 70% passing grade is required
                  • Instructor: Professor Jay Mootz Esq.