Sacramento County - Container Gardening And Vermicomposting For Early Education - Training Package

This training will cover the basic concepts of container gardening using wicking beds and vermicomposting with worms. This introductory training will provide ECE providers. The opportunity to learn the fundamentals of wicking beds, vermicomposting, and researching free garden education resources through Sacramento public libraries. It will lay the foundation for successful growing strategies and how to create and use best practices for including water conservation and recycling of natural resources in your gardening efforts. Participants will be introduced to how to build wicking beds and worm bins in the context of teaching children the importance of growing and eating seasonal produce. Participants will learn the advantages and disadvantages of container gardening using wicking beds and composting with worms. Participants will be able to build their own wicking bed and worm bin kits after watching the video. They will also be able to develop their own plan for obtaining free resources through their local library. Finally, participants will learn how to effectively build, maintain, and troubleshoot their own wicking beds and worm bins.