Developing Risk Strategy in the Cannabis Industry

Course Overview

In this course, Mike Aberle is joined by Stephanie Bozzuto, a professional in the Cannabis Insurance Industry. They discuss the importance of risk strategies that businesses should be adopting to help lower their insurance rates. They talk about how this can be achieved as well as things to consider such as employee growth rate and company expansion. So sit back and enjoy as we dive into the best practices of risk strategy.

    Who Should Take This Course:

        • All Insurance and legal professionals should! Even if you do not plan to have a cannabis book of business or practice, your clients may become involved in transactions with this emerging $20 billion dollar industry, and you will need to understand your ability to represent that to clients ethically and legally. Check this too.

    What to expect:

            • Passing grade is 70% or higher
            • Below 70% grade means you must retake the course
            • Course completion will be sent to the appropriate state agency within 48 hours
            • You may retake the course until you get a 70% or higher grade
            • You may take any course as many times as you wish
            • You may not take the same course and receive duplicate credits

    Course Details

                    • CA DOI CE Credit (1)
                    • Course Duration: 60 Minutes
                    • 70% passing grade is required
                    • Instructor: Michael Aberle