A Look Inside the Cannabis Market: Understanding Cannabis Product Liability and Related Risks

Course Overview

Understanding Cannabis Product Liability and Related Risks. This groundbreaking course takes a close look at the numerous product liability risks threatening business owners in the cannabis industry. During the course, Ian Stewart, Esq., Wilson Elser attorney, Vice Chair of the Insurance Committees of the National Cannabis Industry Association and the California Cannabis Industry Association, discusses ongoing cannabis liability cases and the potentially devastating effects they could have on the Cannabis industry. The course familiarizes business owners and employees working in the industry with important policy terminology and how they may be used in cannabis litigation. We also take a look at how defense coverage applies and how to properly provide and explain these to clients. Check out cannabis misconceptions as well.


Course Chapters:

  • Chapter 01 - The history of product liability
  • Chapter 02 - What is product liability in its simplest form
  • Chapter 03 - What makes up product liability suite and how is it defined
  • Chapter 04 - You are part of the product chain
  • Chapter 05 - Summary of what to consider if entering the cannabis industry
  • Chapter 06 - What can data and studies tell us
  • Chapter 07 - Supply line vulnerability
  • Chapter 08 - 3rd party claims and lawsuits
  • Chapter 09 - Cannabis edibles
  • Chapter 10 - Manufacture defect claims
  • Chapter 11 - Pesticides and herbicide, is it covered by the insurance
  • Chapter 12 - Prop 65 and how does it affect the cannabis industry
  • Chapter 13 - 3rd party standards

Who Should Take This Course:

  • All Insurance and legal professionals should! Even if you do not plan to have a cannabis book of business or practice, your clients may become involved in transactions with this emerging $20 billion dollar industry, and you will need to understand your ability to represent that client ethically and legally. Check this too.

What to expect:

  • Passing grade is 70% or higher
  • Below 70% grade means you must retake the course
  • Course completion will be sent to the appropriate state agency within 48 hours
  • You may retake the course until you get a 70% or higher grade
  • You may take any course as many times as you wish
  • You may not take the same course and receive duplicate credits

Course Details:

  • CA DOI CE Credit (1)
  • Course Duration: 60 Minutes
  • 70% passing grade is required
  • Instructor: Ian Stewart Esq.