Responsible Beverage Service


by Michael Aberle July 01, 2022

Only a third of California restaurant servers and bar staff have taken the required new responsible beverage service training which opens hospitality managers and owners up to potential enforcement action by the California Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control.

The ABC set August 31, 2022  as the deadline for all current staff to be trained in the new laws.

The required RBS Training and Certification process includes:

  1. Register with ABC as a Server on the RBS Portal
  2. Take RBS training from an approved RBS Training Provider (
  3. Return to the RBS Portal to take ABC’s alcohol server certification exam

As of the August deadline, the agency estimates another 700,000 servers have yet to be trained. 

Michael Aberle is the CEO of Mindmeld Learning, which received approval and endorsement by the ABC for its award-winning GETRBS.Com.  “We are doing everything we can to help small businesses and large hospitality chains get workers compliant by reaching out to employers directly to get them set up.”

The GetRBS.Com training module includes all of the new regulatory rules for serving alcohol in California, including updated regulations for cannabis and an award-winning curriculum that covers all of the required material in 90 minutes.

The majority of the other courses are 3-4 hours long, said Aberle, “We were able to condense all of the mandatory material into a 90-minute course that covers the new law in an engaging way for maximum retention.

To learn more about the new California regulations and compliance requirements for responsible beverage service, visit GetRBS.Com.


Michael Aberle
Michael Aberle


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