Jason Horst esq.


Jason Horst is among the foremost experts on the intersection of insurance law and the cannabis industry. Jason chairs the Insurance Working Group for the National Cannabis Bar Association and is a member of the California Cannabis Industry Association's Insurance Committee and a member of the National Cannabis Bar Association. Jason has written and presented on cannabis insurance topics to industry professionals, commercial property owners, real estate brokers, title insurers and other attorneys, including being featured as a speaker at the California Land Title Association's annual conference. His client list includes both cannabis start-ups and some of the largest cannabis companies in the nation. Jason offers a range of risk management services to clients in and servicing the cannabis industry, including counseling related to insurance placement, risk transfer strategies, and preparing insurance specifications. Use of standard "boilerplate" forms and language in insurance policies, risk transfer provisions, and insurance specifications is problematic in any industry, but it can spell absolute disaster for those operating in and around the cannabis industry. Jason counsels clients regarding how to effectively transfer their business risks, allowing them to focus on running and growing their businesses sustainably. ​Jason also assists cannabis businesses, property owners, and real estate professionals in recovering insurance proceeds in the event of a covered loss. Learn more.

Area of Focus

        • Insurance Coverage/ Risk Management
        • Cannabis Law
        • Litigation