Inside Look at Cannabis Cultivation with Mitch Davis

Course Overview

Come along with myCEcourse as we take you into the world of Cannabis Cultivation. We meet up with farmer owner, Mitch Davis, who tells us the story of how he entered into the industry. With such a knowledgeable and exciting teacher it should be easy to come away from this video having a deeper appreciation for cannabis growers and the hard work they put in to accomplishing such beautifully run operations.


Who Should Take This Course:

      • This course is highly recommended for insurance brokers, cultivators who want see how the growing process works for greenhouse cultivation or anyone who wants to understand the cannabis growing process and how to get started in the business.

What to expect:

          • You may watch this video On-Demand
          • This course is a short version of an accredited course.
          • You can view this course unlimited times

Course Details

                  • Course Duration: 20:17 Minutes
                  • Instructor: Mitch Davis