2018 Employment Law Summit by Wilson Elser

Course Overview

Employment Lawyer, Dean Rocco, hosts the annual Wilson Elser Employment Summit for the year of 2018, which looks at all the changes that are coming for 2019. Do not be left behind believing in the old laws and regulations and end up getting fined, sued, or out of business because of a lack of knowledge. Some of the best employment lawyers in California go through the most pressing changes that need to be accounted for so that your business or client's business can stay legal and compliant.


What Will Be Discussed In This Course:

      • Overtime rules and regulation changes.
      • Independent Contractor status in California
      • Workplace Impact of #MeToo Movement
      • Managing Risk around Implicit Bias
      • How to Round California Wage & Hour Law
      • Improve EPLI Decisions Making
      • Other important Regulations and Decisions for 2019

What to expect:

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Course Details

                  • Course Duration: 02:34:31 Minutes
                      • Instructors
                    • Dean Rocco
                    • Steve Joffe & Bruno Katz
                    • Diana Estrada
                    • Jackie Harding
                    • Jennifer Brody & Alex Kaplan
                    • Lyeng la-Boseman of Bolton & Co.